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Protect yourself, your family and home with a Taser, Stun Gun, Pepper Spray and More from the Taser Superstore!
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TASER Police Videos

The TASER videos on this page demonstrate the tremendous take-down power of TASER devices. They discharge a 50,000 volt charge each time the trigger is pulled. These incredible self-defense devices are now available to regular citizens. Please note that even though most of the TASER videos below demonstrate what the TASER device can do with only one pull of the trigger, additional shocks can be administered.



TASER SuperStore Featured Video

The TASER X26c is extremely effective in neutralizing an aggressive assailant! Watch this video of the TASER X26c in action!



Law enforcement, military police and many private security officers must experience a short taser shock for certification to carry a TASER device. Watch the 545th Military Police Company of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK TASER certification event below.



Law enforcement agencies, corrections, private security, bounty hunters and private citizens all over the United States are ordering TASER devices because of their ability to take down an assailant up to 15 feet away. Watch the TASER device tame a violent inmate in this video!




Watch the TASER device save a toddler!



The Salt Lake City Police Department evaluates the TASER device!



When all else failed, the TASER Device brought the bad guy down!



Helicopters film the TASER device dropping the fugitives like "a sack of potatoes"!



Watch the TASER device take down a mental patient!



Watch the TASER device end a stand-off with a man who had a gun!



Watch the TASER device bring down a big man with a knife!



Watch the TASER device subdue a man who had a knife and was throwing bricks!



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